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8:30AMZUMBASandraStudio 3
9:30AMFitness GOLDKarenStudio 3
9:30AMSpinCylceCathyStudio 2
10:30AMSilver Sneakers ClassicKarenStudio 1
10:30AMSilver Sneakers CircuitAnnetteGymnasium
11:30AMTai ChiMannyGymnasium
12:30PMYogaMuktaClaryStudio 1
4:30PMPilates SculptDianaStudio 1
5:30PMAthleKinetixChristinaStudio 3
6:30PMCircuit ManiaTerryStudio 3
6:30PMInterval SpinCarmenStudio 2
7:30PMZumbaRobStudio 3
8:30PMAikido*JuanStudio 1
7:00AMVinyasa YogaMichelleStudio 3
9:00AMStep & AbsTerryStudio 3
10:00AMPilates BodyDianaStudio 1
10:00AMZumba GoldMiriamGymnasium
11:00AMSilver Sneakers ClassicMiriamStudio 3
4:30PMRhythmic Gymnastics*AnaGymnasium
4:30PMHip Hop Kidz*LeeStudio 3
5:00PMSpin & SculptVivianStudio 2
5:30PMRhythmic Gymnastics*AnaGymnasium
5:30PMZUMBAVirnalisStudio 3
6:30PMSPINERGYRaulStudio 2
6:30PMCardio SculptTBAStudio 3
7:30PMYoga Mukta - 75 MinutesBonnieStudio 1
6:00AMAll Out SpinLourdesStudio 2
8:30AMZUMBAMiriamStudio 3
9:30AMFitness GoldKarenStudio 3
9:30AMSpinningCathyStudio 2
10:30AMSilver Sneakers ClassicAnnetteStudio 3
10:30AMSilver Sneakers CircuitKarenGymnasium
4:00PMStretch & MoreDianaStudio 3
5:30PMZUMBAStefanieStudio 1
4:00PMPilates SculptDianaStudio 3
6:00PMCycle Express - 30 MinutesTerryStudio 2
6:00PMPump It Up!TerryStudio 3
7:30PMKickboxing & CoreLisaStudio 3
8:30PMAikido adultsJuanStudio 3
7:00AMVinyasa YogaPaulaStudio 3
8:45AMZUMBASandraStudio 1
9:30AMSilver Spin
10:00AMPilates BodyDianaStudio 3
10:00AMSilver Sneakers ClassicKarenStudio 1
4:30PMRhythmic Gymnastics*AnaGymnasium
4:30PMHip Hop Kidz*LeeStudio 3
5:00PMSpin & SculptVivianStudio 2
5:30PMRhythmic Gymnastics*AnaGymnasium
5:30PMBarre FusionChristinaStudio 3
6:30PMZumbaVirnalisStudio 3
7:30PMYogaMukta - 75 MinutesBonnieStudio 1
6:00AMAll Out SpinLourdesStudio 2
7:00AMVinyasa YogaMichelleStudio 3
8:30AMZUMBABarbieStudio 3
9:00AMSpinningKarenStudio 2
10:00AMTai ChiMannyGymnasium
10:00AMSilver Sneakers CircuitAnnetteStudio 3
11:00AMSilver Sneakers ClassicAnnetteStudio 3
12:15PMVinyasaClaryStudio 3
5:30PMAnimal FlowRafaelStudio 3
6:30PMAikido *KidsJuanStudio 3
7:30PMAikido* AdultsJuanStudio 1
8:00AM''THRIVE'' - TRAINING CAMPTBAPT Room (*$10 per class)
9:00AMInterval SpinningLourdesStudio 2
9:00AMZumbaVirnalisStudio 3
9:00AMTai ChiMannyOutside
10:00AM500 Calorie BurnKarenStudio 3
10:00AMSpinCycleRaulStudio 2
11:15AMYogaMukta - 75 MinutesBonnieStudio 1
01:00PMBelly Dance (12/6 & 12/20)$5 FeeStudio 3
9:00AMSpinningKarenStudio 2
10:00AMZumbaSandraStudio 3
11:15AMHatha Yoga - 75 MinutesPaulaStudio 1
All classes are 50 minutes in length unless otherwise noted. Classes and instructors are  subject to change. Studio #1=(#1) Studio #2=(#2) Studio #3=(#3) *=paid
**Pilates Allegro Classes**
M @5:15PM
T-Th-F @ 9:00am
W @6:00PM
Sat @ 9AM
Class NameClass Description
Aikido- Ancient Japanese martial art utilizing every joint & muscle in the body. Call Juan Alberto to register 305-606-2265 (adults & children).
All Out Spin- Push yourself in this vigorous, calorie burning class. Instructor leads you through a warm up, steady uptempo cadences, sprints & climbs.
Aqua Aerobics- Cardiovascular exercises performed while submerged in water, both shallow & deep. Come out and splash with us! (bring your own equipment)
Aqua Tone- Aqua exercise alternating cardio & strength movements utilizing various flotation devices in shallow water/chest deep. (bring your own equipment)
Bootcamp - A military inspired circuit workout using traditional calisthenics and body weight /dumbbell exercises.
Body Weight & Balance- Functional strength & balance training using your own body weight; upper,lower and core all in one.
Cardio Core Board- Get energized through this circuit training class utilizing the Core Boards® for plyometrics, balance & strength.
''THRIVE'' - TRAINING CAMP- Come out and join our Personal Training Department for an intense group workout in the new PT room. ($10 per session/pay at front desk)
Conditioning- Train like an Athlete and build endurance, speed and explosiveness in our outdoor conditioning class. (sprints, agility drills, tires & ladders)
Fitness Gold- An easy to follow aerobic routine with low and intermediate moves, finished off with 15 mins. Of strength training. Forever Fit!!
Hip Hop Kidz- Join our funky dance moves class that teaches teamwork, increases coordination, strength & agility. Call 305-233-3555 to register
Interval Spin - Train hard! Intervals of endurance, power and speed that include climbs and sprints.
Intervelocity - This high intensity, low impact workout alternates cardiovascular exercise with resistance training using equipment during timed intervals
Killer Core & TBS - The ultimate total body workout utilizing dumbells, gliders, tubing and barbells
Animal Flow- An innovative workout combining quadrupedal and ground based movements with elements from various bodyweight training disciplines. This unique
class helps improve your mobility, flexibility, stability, power, endurance and neuromuscular communication.
Pilates Body / Sculpt- This mat based class offers a body balancing system that strengthens, lengthens, realigns and defines your body.
Power Plates- Focus on traditional pilates/yoga concepts and alignment techniques while adding functional strength and flexibility through a blend of exercises designed to add power and stamina.
Pump It UP- Push yourself in this total body work out utilizing the body bars, hand weights, bands and your own body weight.
Silver Sneakers- Classes designed for seniors to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Both seated and standing classes available.
Spin & Sculpt - This class combines the benefits of aerobics & resistance training through alternating periods of spinning and weight lifting.
Circuit Mania- Develop both strength & cardiovascular endurance concurrently in this high intensity interval class utilizing the STEP & barbells.
SpinCycle BootCamp - This non-stop interval class mixes indoor cycling with strength training, core and agility work.
Spinning - Get your heart pumping in this high-intensity exercise class on a stationary bicycle. Take a Journey in your mind.
Tai Chi - Ancient Chinese exercise that focuses on breathing and energy channels known as meridians. Promotes internal healing and balance.
Xtreme Fitness- An intense full body agility workout with more emphasis placed on the lower body; sprints, ladder drills, hurdles, etc.
Kickbox & Strength - A total body workout combining boxing, aerobics & martial arts. (May incorporate weights and gliders) Join the fun and burn more calories!
STEP & Abs- Not your typical Step class. A variety of step combinations, endurance moves and abdominal exercises to test your stamina!
Total Plyometrics- A high intensity, calorie burning class designed to improve your acceleration, leg strength, balance, agility & muscle power.
Walking Class- A 2 mile brisk outdoor walk that will help lower your B.P., help manage your weight and improve your mood. Meet at the front desk.
Yoga Classes - Take time out for yourself, relax, breathe, and feel all sensations in your body. Yoga increases physical fitness, mental clarity, stress control and general well being. Come join us to improve your flexibility & strength (Hatha, Vinyassa & YogaMukta)
Zumba - A Latin Dance Class with lots of flare. Low impact, choreographed routines designed to get your heart pumping and hips moving.